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All-Americans relay talent, passion to keep youth ‘on track’

Tammi King of Dorchester stands with sons Jhalen,7, and Jovan, 11 who have been enrolled in the Boston Track and Cross Country Club since it's 2011 opening.

Ask a child who wants to be an athlete when they grow up and usually they’ll cite basketball, football or baseball as their sport of choice. Very seldom does track and field ever make the cut.

The glitz and glamour associated with the more popular sports usually dissipates when it comes to track.

Said Ahmed is just one of many trying to change that.

He’s made it his duty to share the fulfillment track brings him with others.

“Track and field is not the most popular sport out there, but there’s a lot of people who have love for the sport,” said Ahmed, 30, of Roxbury, who created The Boston United Track and Cross Country Club in 2011. “People did it for us when we were younger and it’s just a responsibility we felt we needed to give back.”

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The expressions on the kids’ faces during practice on Feb. 2 were nothing but jovial.

“My name’s Jhalen and I can run!” said Jhalen King, 7, of Dorchester. “When I get to run and then when I’m jogging I get excited.”

“It’s fun to come to this because it’s all for a purpose. It’s to do the track meets and I enjoy the friends I’ve made,” said Declin Kirwin, 11, of Jamaica Plain.

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